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Loan TypeAPRApproximate Terms
Deposit Loans (95% of Deposits)3.25%24 months
4.25%36 months
5.25%48 months
VISA Platinum (No Annual Fee)9.90% - 12.00%Open-end
New Boats4.75% - 8.50%Up to 120 months
Used Boats, 1- 5 years old6.50%-9.50%Up to 120 months
Used Boats 6-7 Years Old7.50%-9.90%60 months
Miscellaneous RV/Motor Homes, 1 to 7 Years Old4.75%-9.90%Up to 120 months
New Motorcycles4.90%-9.90%60 months
Used Motorcycles, 1 to 5 Years Old5.90%-9.90%60 months
Mobile Homes12.90%84 months
New Appliances, TVs, Furniture, Organs & Pianos15.00%24 months
Time Deposit Loans2% above TDA APRTDA term
Line of Credit18.00%Open-end
Personal Loan12.90% - 18.00%24 months
Computer Loans12.00%12 months

*Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductability of interest.


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