Regular & IRA Time Deposit Accounts (Certificates)

AccountCompounding MethodInterest RateAnnual Percentage YieldGood ThroughInterest Frequency
6 Month Safari Club TDA**Simple.25%.25%November 5, 2014Maturity
6 Month TDASimple.25%.25%November 5, 2014Maturity
9 Month TDASimple.30%.30%November 5, 2014Maturity
Tax Factor 1 Year TDASimple.35%.35%November 5, 2014Annually
1 Year TDAQuarterly.35%.35%November 5, 2014Quarterly
2 Year TDAQuarterly.549%.55%November 5, 2014Quarterly
2 1/2 Year TDAQuarterly.648%.65%November 5, 2014Quarterly
3 Year TDAQuarterly.798%.80%November 5, 2014Quarterly
4 Year TDAQuarterly1.095%1.10%November 5, 2014Quarterly
5 Year TDAQuarterly1.244%1.25%November 5, 2014Quarterly
1 Year IRA TDA*Quarterly.35%.35%November 5, 2014Quarterly
2 Year IRA TDA*Quarterly.549%.55%November 5, 2014Quarterly
2 1/2 Year IRA TDA*Quarterly.648%.65%November 5, 2014Quarterly
3 Year IRA TDA*Quarterly.798%.80%November 5, 2014Quarterly
4 Year IRA TDA*Quarterly1.095%1.10%November 5, 2014Quarterly
5 Year IRA TDA*Quarterly1.244%1.25%November 5, 2014Quarterly

* May be used for Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts.

** Minimum Opening Deposit is $100. A Safari Club TDA is for Members through age 15.

  • Time Deposit Accounts withdrawn before the maturity date incur a substantial penalty.
  • The nine-month time deposit allows one early withdrawal or early redemption without penalty.
  • Roth IRAs & Coverdell ESAs use the One, Two & Five-Year TDAs.
  • Rates & Terms Subject to Change Without Notice.
  • These Offers May be Withdrawn.
  • The minimum balance to open Time Deposit Accounts is $200.
  • If funds other than interest are withdrawn prior to maturity, a penalty is imposed.
  • For terms less than one year 30 days of interest earned or that could have been earned will be forfeited.
  • For terms of one year or more 90 days of interest earned or that could have been earned is forfeited.
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