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News & Alerts getting a new look

We are pleased to announce that the site for managing your Associated Credit Union Visa Credit Card has a brand new look!

With the updates to the site, you still have access to all the features and tools you’ve come to expect, we are just making the site friendlier and easier to use – not to mention you will be able to access from any mobile device! Below are additional details regarding the launch.

Q. Once the new site is launched, will I still be able to log into the site in the same manner I do today?
A. Yes, you will still be able to access the site in the same exact manner, utilizing the same credentials that you do today. You will NOT have to re-enroll. Your existing user ID and password will not change.

Q. I receive Alerts today. Will I need to set them back up again?
A. No, our new site will maintain all existing cardholder Alerts. This means that if you currently receive alerts today either by email or phone, you will still continue to receive them after the new site is launched.

Q. I have my checking account set up to make payments. Will that still be maintained that so I don’t have to re-enter my payment information?
A. Yes, all payment information will be maintained. It will not be necessary for you to do anything as there will be no disruption to existing services provided by the site.

Q. What web browsers will be compatible with the new site?
A. The new site will support all modern Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and above, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. If you log into the site utilizing a browser that is no longer supported, like Internet Explorer 8, you will be presented with a message to upgrade your browser before you can launch the site.

Q. Will the new site be available as an app?
A. No. The new site will not be a “native application” but rather an optimized website. What this means is that you will be able to save the URL to your phone or tablet home screen for easy access in the future. This means that it will look like an app but won't up storage space on your device.

Touch ID access now available for the ACU Mobile App for iPhone

Associated Credit Union is pleased to announce a new way to access your ACU accounts through an Apple device using built-in fingerprint-sensor technology.

When you download and enroll with the Associated Credit Union mobile app for an Apple device, you are entering one of the most secure financial-technology environments. Every time you log on, a security code is silently transmitted to confirm your device, and you are prompted to authenticate through your personal password.

When you access your ACU account(s) — through an Apple device — you must prove who you are. That’s called authentication.

Passwords are the most common authentication tool, but there is another way to prove your identity through your Apple device —your fingerprint.

In its latest advance against fraud and identity theft, ACU is taking advantage of Apple’s Touch IDTM technology. Members, who have updated their ACU Mobile app for iPhone to version, may now access the ACU Mobile App quickly and securely with a touch of their thumb or finger.

You will receive a prompt asking if you would like to start using Touch ID to log in. When accepted, you will be able to log in with Touch ID the next time the ACU Mobile Banking App is opened. You will be prompted to verify your fingerprint for additional security.

Touch ID will be enabled for Tablet Banking Apps/iPads by the beginning of 2016.

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