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Change Is Good

Automatic debits and deposits are convenient—until you need to move them. Then, switching from one account to another can become a tedious chore. We want to be your primary financial institution, so we've made switching accounts easier for you with SwitchAgent.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Authorize us to switch your automatic debits and deposits. For example: direct deposits, utility bills, and loan payments.
  2. Gather direct deposit information and billing statements for current automatic debits and deposits and have them handy.
  3. A SwitchAgent representative will call you to collect the above information, as well as any other information necessary to complete your account switch.

It's easy, secure, and convenient. Your dedicated SwitchAgent representative will facilitate the account switch process and stay in contact with you should questions arise. You will receive e-mail notifications updating you on the progress of the account switch, so it's important to provide a valid e-mail address. You will also receive a detailed switch schedule as part of the SwitchAgent process.

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