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Electronic Wire Transfer

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Wiring Funds to ACU

Ready to move some money to your credit union account the easy way? Just provide the other financial institution the following information:

Wire To:
Associated Credit Union
Atlanta, Georgia
ABA Routing Number: 261171338

Credit To:
Your Name & Account Number

Wiring Funds from ACU

To wire money to another Financial Institution, use our safe and secure online form. Login to Online Banking and click Additional Services > Secure Forms > Wire Authorization. Domestic wires are processed before 2:00 PM and have a fee of $20.00. International wires are processed by 3:00 PM and have a fee of $79.00.

Wire Fraud Prevention Notice

Before submitting a wire authorization form, independently confirm the wiring instructions with the recipient in person or a by calling a known verified phone number. Do not rely solely on wiring instructions via e-mail or other electronic communications.

Direct Pay & Save

Transfer money from other institutions to make loan payments or deposits to your ACU accounts using the Automated Clearing House (ACH). This is the same system used for Direct Deposits. Transfers can be a one-time occurrence or scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Forms are available at all ACU locations.