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Greenlight + ACU

Father and son using debit card

Associated Credit Union is First Credit Union in Georgia to Introduce a Promotional Partnership with Greenlight – the Debit Card for Kids

Every parent hopes that their training and advice graduates with their children into adult-hood. The earlier those good values are introduced in the home, the longer children will spend learning and comprehending these lessons. Associated Credit Union is a strong believer in instilling financial literacy at a young age so that children will continue to grow and build their knowledge of how a financially responsible household is achieved. Associated Credit Union has collaborated with Greenlight to help parents bring these financial lessons straight to their children’s pockets.

Greenlight is a debit card for kids that parents manage from their phones with flexible parental controls. Greenlight allows parents to designate where their kids can spend their al-lowance and funds, while still giving the children the power to spend on their own. Parents and children download the Greenlight app, and children are given their own Greenlight card with funds provided by their parents. Greenlight is not a credit card, but a debit card with use of funds from their parents.

Greenlight doesn’t just allow parents to designate a lump sum of their funds to their kids, but it further allows them to specify where their kids can spend. There are two approaches: a spend anywhere category, and a category that allows the funds to be used at specific stores. The card is declined if the kid tries to spend at a store that the parents have not designated.

Learning when, where, and how to spend their money are vital lessons for children to take in to develop positive associations with money early on. Teach them real life lessons and money management with Greenlight.

Associated Credit Union members receive 60 days free of Greenlight, and then it is just $4.99 per month! To learn more and sign up visit welcome.greenlightcard.com/acu.

The Greenlight card is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to license by MasterCard International.