2017 Louise Herring Award

Associated Credit Union Wins First Place in State Louise Herring CUNA Award

Associated Credit Union’s “Pay to Save” Associated Checking Account won ACU their second consecutive Louise Herring Award in the Credit Union National Association’s competition. The Associated Checking Account offers members an opportunity to save money in many areas of life, including cell phone insurance, entertainment, and credit monitoring. It’s part of the ACU philosophy to help members afford life.

The Louise Herring Award for Philosophy-in-Action commends credit unions for making exceptional efforts to include credit union philosophy in daily operations and member services. CUNA awarded ACU this accolade for their account that has saved membership thousands of dollars for those who utilize all of the benefits of Associated Checking.

2016 Louise Herring Award

Associated Credit Union Wins First Place in National Louise Herring CUNA Award

The Rate Reward Auto Loan Program gained national recognition in the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) competition for the Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action Member Service Award for credit unions in the $1 Billion+ asset category. ACU submitted their entry and won first place statewide in the program conducted by the Georgia Credit Union Affiliates (GCUA). Their winning submission was entered in the national awards program, again winning first place.

Louise Herring is universally regarded in the United States credit union movement as the “Mother of Credit Unions” for her work with the movement since its earliest days. The Louise Herring Award is given to a credit union for its practical application of credit union philosophy within the actual operation of the credit union. CUNA awarded ACU based on the Rate Reward Auto Loan Program exemplifying credit union values and services.

“Our Rate Reward Auto Loan was born from the Great Recession and is based on a simple desire to find a way to serve all of our members,” said C. Lin Hodges, CEO and president of ACU. “Many of our members were negatively affected by circumstances largely out of their control. This product helped those members gain back some control, and in doing so, literally helped change their lives.”

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