Join by Mail

Everyone is welcome to join Associated Credit Union. To join by mail, print our Membership Application, complete, sign, and return it with $10 (a one-time membership fee of $5, plus a $5 initial deposit which opens your Share Account). Primary and Joint owners should include a copy of their valid driver's licenses.

You can open as many accounts as you wish, beginning with a Share Account. The Share Account makes you a member and owner of Associated Credit Union.

Initial deposit amounts for additional accounts are indicated on the Membership Application. You will receive Account Disclosures when your account is opened, which completes the account opening process. View Account Disclosures and Rates.

Mail your application, deposits, and identifying documents to:
New Accounts
Associated Credit Union
6251 Crooked Creek Road
Norcross, Georgia 30092-3107

All applications for membership will be reviewed for eligibility and verified through a credit reporting agency.

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