Regulation D

What is Regulation D (Reg D)?

Regulation D (Reg D) is a federal law that limits the number of transfers and withdrawals that you can make from an interest bearing non-transactional account (Regular Savings, Money Market, or Club Account) at Associated Credit Union to another Credit Union account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized, automatic, telephonic, home banking, or audio response transfer or instruction. According to Regulation D, you may not make more than six (6) pre-authorized, automated, or telephone transactions from these accounts each month.

Which transactions are affected by Regulation D limitations and which ones are unlimited?

Unlimited Transfers & Withdrawals Limited Transfers & Withdrawals
In person (at a branch or shared branching service center) Preauthorized Transactions
At an ATM Automatic transfers (scheduled ACH withdrawals)
By mail Telephone (including automated telephone banking - Tele Teller)
Unlimited deposits/transfers can be made into a savings account Fax
Transfers to another account of the same owners at the same financial institution when made for loan payments Online Banking
Withdrawals made by telephone only when the transaction results in a check mailed to that member Mobile Banking
  Automatic Overdraft Transfers
  Point of Sale transactions with a Debit Card
  Any other similar order payable to third parties


I have more than one deposit account. Am I limited to a total of six transactions for all my deposit accounts combined?

You are allowed up to six Regulation D transactions per month for EACH of your deposit accounts. Example: If you have three savings accounts, each savings account can have up to six transactions per month.

What happens if I attempt a transaction after I hit the Regulation D limit?

If you have reached the limit of six (6) transactions within any statement period, ACU will be required to block the transaction. This includes automatic transfers to cover overdrafts, which may result in additional fees.

How can I avoid making transfers that fall under the Regulation D guidelines?

  • Use your checking account for all Regulation D covered transactions. If you do not have one with Associated Credit Union, Associated Credit Union provides two checking accounts tailored to your needs.
  • Locate an Associated Credit Union branch, Shared Branch, or Free ATM near you and make your covered transactions in person.

How can I check to see how many Regulation D transactions I’ve made this month?

To check how many Regulation D transactions you’ve already completed this month, you may call our Member Services Department at 770.448.8200 ext. 2392 or stop by any of our Branches. You may also view your Regulation D transaction count through online banking.

When does the Regulation D counter reset?

The Regulation D counter resets at the beginning of each month, bringing the debit card, ACH, and Checks counter back to zero.

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