Visa® Debit Cards

Visa® Debit Cards are a convenient and secure way to access your money at ATMs and make payments anytime, anywhere.

Debit & Credit Purchases: Which To Choose?

You can make debit and credit purchases with your Visa Debit Card. Both ways use funds from the Checking Account associated with the Debit Card.

Debit purchases require a PIN to authorize. Credit purchases require a signature or ZIP code to authorize.

Debit and credit purchases have different daily spending limits. The daily spending limit for ATM and debit purchases is $1,000. The daily spending limit for credit purchases is $1,500.

When choosing to process your Visa Debit Card purchase as either a debit or a credit purchase, choose credit. Associated Checking Debit Cards earn one ScoreCard Reward point for every $3 spent when processed as a credit purchase.

PIN (Personal Identitfication Number)
Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number you use to authorize debit purchases made using your Visa Debit Card. You can change your PIN at anytime. Call 1.866.895.7622 to change it over the phone. You can also change your PIN at any of Associated Credit Union's ATMs.

Lost Or Stolen Visa Debit Cards
Please call 1.866.895.7622 to report a lost or stolen Visa Debit Card.

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