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ACU and HomereadyŽ Present Achievable Home Buying Options

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ACU and HomeReady® Present Achievable Home Buying Options

We’ve all seen the ads promising how easy it will be to purchase your own home – but when you actually dive in and try to make the purchase – you realize it’s not quite as simple as you once thought. Whether you don’t feel like you can save enough for the down payment, or you fear your student loans might hold you back – there just seems to be many home buying hurdles.

Enter ACU and HomeReady® – a pairing that will certainly turn home ownership from a pipe dream into an attainable reality.

Whether you’ve owned a home before, or this is your first time venturing into the mortgage world, we’re here to help. HomeReady® only requires a 3% down payment – yes, just 3%! Forget slowly chipping away to save that typical 20%, and choose a HomeReady® loan. Additionally, unlike standard mortgages, you can use cash on hand or gift funds for the down payment.

There’s no shame in needing a little extra help in saving for or buying a home – there are a lot of people in the same boat – which is why options like HomeReady® exist!

So why should you choose HomeReady®?

The low 3% down payment requirement coupled with lower closing costs than most standard mortgage pricing allows your dream to become a reality. HomeReady® is competitive and flexible to meet the needs of home buyers who don’t fit in the standard box for purchases. There’s attainability attached to HomeReady® loans – and ACU feels that more people should have options when it comes to purchasing a home.

Let ACU and HomeReady® make your home buying dreams come true.

To find out more contact us at 770.448.8200, Ext. 2141 or apply online today.

For a deeper diver into HomeReady® and all that it has to offer potential home buyers, click here.