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CO-OP Shared Branches & ATMs

CO-OP Shared Branches & CO-OP ATMs

Associated Credit Union is a part of a nationwide network of credit unions giving you access to CO-OP Shared Branches and CO-OP ATMs. This network includes branches and ATMs of credit unions nationwide allowing you to make general transactions to your Associated Credit Union accounts from just about anywhere.

CO-OP ATM Network and CO-OP Shared Branch were created by credit unions that have joined forces to give their members the kind of financial convenience traditionally available only from big banks. All with the savings and personal service you expect from credit unions.

With the CO-OP ATM network, you can use nearly 30,000 ATM locations nationwide and save money because they’re all surcharge free.

With the CO-OP Shared Branch network, you’re welcome at nearly 5,000 credit union branches and over 2,000 self-service locations. That adds up to convenience comparable to the country’s largest banks.

CO-OP also offers ATMs at a variety of places you may commonly shop, including select Costco®, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven® locations.


Shared Branch Withdrawal Fee

A $3.00 CO-OP Shared Branch Withdrawal Fee will apply toward any withdrawal transaction that an Associated Credit Union member makes at CO-OP Shared Service Branch, including:

  • Making A Cash Withdrawal
  • Requesting A Check Withdrawal
  • Cashing A Check or Money Order (Cashing a check at a CO-OP Shared Branch is two transactions with a deposit and then a withdrawal. The withdrawal would generate the fee.)
  • Transferring funds from an ACU Account to another financial institution
  • Purchasing a money order or gift card (if the CO-OP Shared Branch offers these services)

More information on Service Charges.